As some of you may know, I have taught digital photography as well as video production. In most of those classes, project sharing was limited to within the walls of the classroom. Students couldn’t really get their work out to others to see, but if I had only known then about sites like, that could have changed.

Teachertube is basically a moderated youtube clone, but it’s primary use is for educators as well as students to showcase their work. Digital stories, power points, video slide shows, video projects, etc can all be showcased to the world through this site. What’s also great about this site (in light of the Pew research) is that, like youtube, users all over the world can comment and rate the work being posted. Students can receive feedback from people all over the world, and leave feedback for others. The site encourages worldwide discussion, which I believe is a major part of developing the creative mind. The project shouldn’t end with submission, but rather it should continue into the evaluation and synthesis end, and sites like these help encourage that. Not only that, but students love seeing their work online (come on…you know they do!).

Obviously the big reason I like this resource over youtube (which is closely resembles) is the fact that the content is school related and safe. I encourage any teacher who has projects that could be put into video format to check this site out, and give it a try. Registration is free just like youtube.